Brockley Restaurant

Interior Design | Brand Identity | Web Design
Bringing the outdoors in with nature inspired concepts. Professional, chic, elegant, inviting, contemporary, subtle — these are the subjectives which perfectly describe a unique concept of Brockley — a new generation restaurant based in Wales.

A unique collaboration between
architecture and graphic design working in one studio!

Brockley is a whole food and zero waste restaurant which philosophy is mainly based on sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and a belief that healthy food affects not only our physical health, but also our mental health and wellbeing. In this project, Spacephlov was responsible for unique interior design concepts, creative brand identity, logo, professional web design, business stationery and merchandise. The color palette that has been selected to reflect calmness, healing, nature as well as ambition and wealth. The cool and organic color of malachite, in psychology, is closely related to nature. It symbolizes the renewal and rebirth, both soothing and refreshing. The entire concept perfectly combines classic elements with

a contemporary forward way of thinking. Visual identity has been applied in both graphic and interior which, as a result, identifies and distinguishes the brand. The interior of the restaurant was strongly inspired by nature which resulted in a contemporary, yet cozy and inviting space. French herringbone, dark oak floor introduces artistry and elegance to the space. The whole is complemented with lush vegetation introduced into the interior. The lush greenery livens up the space while also improving the quality of air. A strong brand identity is creatively and consistently applied throughout, starting from interior itself, going to its decor, website design and other business applications.

'Spacephlov combines gifted designs with business acumen. The ideas are fresh and invigorating and turnaround is exceptional. A pleasure to work with.' - Brockley

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