Palm Desert, California

Interior Design | Landscaping
Mid-century modern is an American design movement particularly popular in California’s post-war residential architecture and it is characterized by flat planes, open spaces, large glazings and simple forms blends within a landscape.

The 2,300 square-foot house located in Joshua Tree National Park is a contemporary construction designed as a strictly geometric form with large windows facing on the east and smaller openings towards the west. Contemporary architecture should integrate with the surrounding environment so that the design use an "outside-in" concept. The design integrates the external and internal environment - large glazing provides the opportunity to extend the rooms to the outside. A fascinating landscape is fully enjoyable through masive 20-feet floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door. The house is a great tribute to minimalism.

Floors covered with resin and walls finished with concrete plaster make all surfaces uniform. Bright, neutral colors, monochromatic textures and homogeneous environment of the house interior bring maximum order and give a sense of cleanliness. The desert home is a safe oasis and a refuge from today's fast paced world. Custom architecture, extraordinary and thus precious, in this case, goes hand in hand with concepts of uniqueness, sustainability, and possession of time. Right on the entrance of the house there is a large window unfolding the beautiful view and desert’s significant species in the foreground.

"Spacephlov is a team of creative designers and artists with a great eye for detail and head full of innovational ideas. We are delighted with the end product. Cannot recommend enough"

— Lillianna Kim

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