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Branding has been inspired by contemporary 'phlov', emerging from unconventional design approach of the two Spacephlov founders.

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes.” –Vico Magistretti


A new design agency for a new customer needs with a new vision. This vibrant, galaxy inspired brand identity reflects mindset of the two creative founders of Spacephlov.


A multidisciplinary experience, free thinking as well as contemporary appraoch took a significant part of this process. The entire concept bases on the newest techniques for visual brand representation and design. The process took three months of work, conceptulising 319 abstract figures,


an existential crisis, a lot of coffee, and 12 migraines. Due to the fact that we specialize in both Graphic & Architecture - main brand objects were a combination of graphic forms and space.


Our brand uses an abstract, geometric elements for both the visual identity and tonal expression.The vibrant colors represents tones of creativity and innovative approach involved in our work. The final outcomes reflects a unique, aesthetically beautiful and emotional branding.

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During each process we are uncovering and demonstrating your brand’s highest ideal while prioritising core business objectives. We develop concepts that bring your brand to life.

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Interested in hiring us?

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