Client: Cambridge School of Art
The art exhibition at the Cambridge School of Art is the culmination of three years of study by the graduates of the entire art department. The exhibition is also a kind of recognition for pupils and students.

Brand identity & creative direction

Graduation is not only about completing your studies or training, its about finishing one chapter and starting another one. Especially for young adults, its a monumental moment. Inspired by the shifting change, we have used a background that reflects it and added the ellipsis that represents a change of idea. To tell the story and engage the




targeted audience, we have used modern and simple elements and arranged them within the contrasting palette, to give a lasting impression and to embrace the change laying ahead. The delicate texture of the design makes it subtle and inviting. With over 200 students graduating BA (Hons), The Cambridge School of Art Degree Show creates a great opportunity to showcase the culmination of their work.

Each year, the graduation ceremony is attended by undergraduates from Film & Television Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art, Computer Games Art, Fashion Design, Illustration, Illustration and Animation; and Interior Design.

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